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Thermal Properties Testing

GeoServ and the UCD School of Architecture, Landscape & Civil Engineering have signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with to provide commercial Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Response Testing services. 

This unique collaboration enables geothermal energy and engineering professionals as well as system users to avail of specialised services and staff with extensive experience in geothermal energy and in thermal response test data acquisition as well as laboratory thermal conductivity measurements.

GeoServ was founded in 2003 and provides geology, geothermal and environmental geology consultancy services.  GeoServ is actively involved in geothermal consultancy in Ireland and UK for both residential and commercial customers in shallow and deep geothermal energy projects.  Our services include project management, site assessments; feasibility studies as well as regulatory, planning and permitting advice.

UCD School of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering has been leading research in Ireland since 2008 in the field of thermal properties of the ground, measurement and evaluation of soil / rock thermal conductivity as well as developing the first thermal response testing rig.

The rapid growth of the geothermal sector in Ireland has increased the need for professional independent testing services to facilitate sustainability and long term operational security of ground source heat pump systems. The MOU between GeoServ and UCD School of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering not only allows the combination of two key areas of expertise and to provide a turnkey service in Ireland for closed loop collector designers, developers and potential users.

More importantly the MOU fosters and promotes new opportunities for research and education aimed at improving the assessment and quantification of Irish geothermal resources as well as promoting adequate design and deployment of technological solutions.

Please visit the relevant pages of our website for information on both techniques or contact us with any enquiries that you may have.