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18th May 2018 –  We are delighted to welcome Keith Harlin to the GeoServ Team.  Keith is completing a project on the effects of pyrite on thermal conductivity through field and lab test of limestone samples in Ireland.

1st April 2018 –  GeoServ  is delighted to be part of a new exciting project developing new ground source heat pump systems for the retrofit market specifically aimed at historical and civic buildings.  The GEO4CIVHIC project will last 48 months and will demonstrate the new developed technologies at 5 case study locations including Ireland.


15th May 2015 –  GeoServ  partners with Walls Well Drilling to provide a turnkey service for geothermal collectors  covering all aspects from design, drilling, completion, testing and handover

GeoServ welcomes this partnership and looks forward to working with Walls Well Drilling in providing this exclusive service.

18th Febraury 2015 –  Ric Pasquali is elected Chairperson of the Geothermal Association of Ireland.


10th October 2014 –  Mr. James McAteer joins the GeoServ team as a Junior Geoscientist.  The GeoServ team would like to Welcome James.

6 th May 2014 –  Dr. Mark Muller joins the GeoServ team as an Associate Consultant. Mark brings a wealth of expertise in geophysics, survey design and data interpretation to GeoServ.  The GeoServ team would like to Welcome Mark .

26 th March 2014 –  Ric Pasquali addresses NIA Committee for Education on the Importance of Geoscience in the Primary School Curriculum of Northern Ireland.  A position paper prepared as part of the Politics Plus MLA/Scientist Pairing scheme was prepared in collaboration with Earth Science Ireland and it’s sub-committee Earth Science Outreach (Click here for the webcast)



1st November 2013 –  Tim Waters joins the GeoServ team



1st October 2012 –  Damien Bonté joins the GeoServ team 

24th September 2012 –  GeoServ moves offices to Ballyogan Business Centre (see the Contacts page for our new address)

20th August 2012 –  Ric Pasquali joins the European Geothermal Congress Scientific Committee  

23rd May  2012 – GeoServ is re-elected to the Board of the IGI

21st May  2012 – Ric Pasquali joins the European Federation of Geologists – Geothermal Expert Panel 

22nd February 2012 – Ric Pasquali chairs the Shallow Geothermal Energy Resource project stakeholder meeting at the Geological Survey of Ireland.


14th November 2011 – Kick Off meeting of the Shallow Geothermal Energy Resource project for the Geological Survey of Ireland.  The objective of the project is to develop guidance documentation for home owners and end-users as well as technical guidance documentation for the completion of shallow geothermal energy systems in Ireland, the development of a database of ground source heat pump systems and a set of shallow geothermal resource maps.  Ric Pasquali is acting as project manager as an associate consultant of SLR Consulting Ireland.  More information about the project is available on the dedicated project webpage here.    

1st of June 2011 –  Ric Pasquali is elected as a non executive director to the board of the Institute of Geologists of Ireland

13th April 2011 – Ric Pasquali presents the status of geothermal energy utilisation around the world at 31st Annual Conference of the IAH (International Association of Hydrogeologists) – Irish Group