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Data Management, Cartography and Calculations for the Geological Storage of CO2 (SLR Consulting Ireland Ltd.)

Shallow Geothermal Energy Resource Project – Guidance Documents, Database & Map Production (SLR Consulting Ireland Ltd. for the Geological Survey of Ireland)

Geological Consultancy Services and Geothermal  Feasibility Studies for Deep Geothermal Energy Development (GT Energy Ltd)

Stage 1 Preliminary Site Assessment Reports in accordance with ASTM guidelines (SLR International Corp.)

Feasibility Study for a Closed Loop Ground Source Heat Pump Collector (James B. Joyce & Co.)

Site Assessment for a Single Closed Loop Domestic Ground Source Heat Pump Collector (Private Client)

Structural Geological Assessment and Drilling Operations Supervision for the Development of an Independent Groundwater Supply (Keelings Soft Fruit)